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Undergraduate Program

UW Microbiology

Minor in Microbiology

Minor Requirements: 29 credits as follows:

  1. 14 credits to include BIOL 200; one of CHEM 152, CHEM 155, CHEM 162, or
    CHEM 165; and one of CHEM 223, CHEM 237, or CHEM 335.
  2. 15 credits from MICROM 410; one of MICROM 302, MICROM 402, MICROM 431, or MICROM 443; and approved 400-level, graded microbiology courses to reach 29 credits. 
  3. Minimum cumulative 2.00 GPA for all courses counted toward the minor.

Students are encouraged to choose their own course of study from the microbiology curriculum, in order to tailor your classes to your interest in microbiology.

Every student must take:

MICROM 410 Fundamentals of Microbiology (3 credits, Fall)

Students must also choose one lab course from the following:

MICROM 302 General Microbiology Laboratory (2 credits, Fall/Spring/Summer)*
MICROM 402 Fundamentals of General Micro Lab (3 credits, Fall/Spring)
MICROM 431 Prokaryotic Recombinant DNA Lab (3 credits, Winter)
MICROM 443 Medical Bacteriology Lab (3 credits, Fall/Winter)
MICROM 411 Bacterial Genetics (4 credits, Winter)

The remaining credits must come from any MICROM prefix courses in order to reach 29 total credits. Please consult the minor degree audit in your MyPlan. 

NOTES: 1. Often 302 is the best option for the minor, as many of the 400 level labs are space constrained by majors. Consult advising if you are interested in another lab.

2. Laboratory research credit can’t be applied toward the minor.