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Undergraduate Program

UW Microbiology

Honors Program

The Departmental Honors Program allows superior students to participate in the departmental honors curriculum and receive a Bachelor's degree "With Distinction in Microbiology", which is noted on the transcript and diploma. Students interested in the program should contact Josey Overfield for an application. Members of the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program will also need to fill out an  application.

To qualify for the Departmental Honors Program the student must:

  1. Declare microbiology as a major.
  2. Have a cumulative 3.3 grade point average.
  3. Recommended that students take some 400 level microbiology courses prior to submitting an application for the Honors Program.
  4. Accepted into a lab.

Completion of the Honors program requires the student to:

  1. Maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA.
  2. Conduct an undergraduate research project (MICROM 495 for a minimum of 6 credits). Student receives an "N" each quarter (indicates student is continuing to take 495).
  3. Submit a thesis (MICROM 496) based on the research. Paper should include an abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, and references. The completed thesis must be read and approved by the research supervisor and one other member of the microbiology faculty. It must be submitted and accepted before lab research credit is given.