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Undergraduate Program

UW Microbiology


The Department has an organization of undergraduates, ASMUW, which is open to all students!

We are the American Society for Microbiology - UW Chapter

Microphiles Club
2018-2019 Club Officers: Angelo Ong, James Januch, Rebekah Curiel Not pictured: Rita Olsen, Mary Hall

The activities of the group change to reflect the interests of students who participate. All microbiology majors are urged to participate at some level of involvement. The Club sponsors field trips to local biotech firms and speakers on topics such as the research activities being conducted at the University of Washington and in the Seattle area. Discussions take place on career awareness and opportunities; graduate and health professional school admissions; and application policies and processes. Announcements of Microphiles meetings are made in microbiology classes, and e-mail. If you would like to participate, please contact Dr. Karen Thickman, by emailing thickman AT

You can follow the club events on their facebook page:

Please also visit our website.

ASMUW was originally founded as the Microphiles Club. In 2018 the Microphiles Journal was established as a place to showcase the diversity of microbiology to all audiences while providing an opportunity for students to develop their skills in scientific communication. Since then we have published several outstanding issues of the Journal, and are currently working on our next one.

Microphiles Journal
Microphiles Journal

The Microphiles Journal is committed to providing support for those who wish to learn more about microbiology. It's a great opportunity to get involved with the community, develop your ability to communicate your findings, and strengthen your resume. Our team is made up of writers, editors, illustrators, and publishers who are all undergraduates at UW Seattle. We welcome freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors of any major to participate!

You can find all of the previous issue at our website for the journal:

keep up all the latest announcements on our Instagram (@microphilesjournaluw)

and we can be contacted at with any questions