Resources for Researchers

There are various resources throughout campus to assist researchers in successfully applying for and managing sponsored research projects and programs.

Departmental Resources

Microbiology Research Support Team
The Department of Microbiology has dedicated staff to provide support to your research program. Log into the Intranet to find more resources and templates. We support all activities within the life cycle of an award from submission to closeout.  Some of the tasks include:
  • Grant applications
  • Grant renewals
  • Progress reports
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) submission
  • Setting up of new budgets/projects
  • Monthly budget reports and assistance in budget management
  • Subcontract initiation and management
  • Faculty effort management
  • Other support maintenance
  • Submission of closeout reports

University of Washington Resources

Office of Research – Research Website & the MyResearch Lifecycle
The Office of Research website is the starting point for all research administration at the UW. Also view the MyResearch Project Lifecycle that provides research tools, forms, policies, training, and resources across all stages of the research project lifecycle, and the New to UW Research webpage.

Human Subjects Division
All research involving human subjects must have review and approval of the research protocol by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The UW Human Subject Division manages this process.
Office of Animal Welfare
The Office of Animal Welfare (OAW) facilitates the IACUC review of research protocols and grants involving live vertebrate animals.
Center for Commercialization (C4C)
The UW Center for Commercialization (C$C) assists researchers in bringing their innovations through the commercialization process.
Biological Information Resources
The UW Biological Information Resources site provides general access for UW faculty and students to centralized biological sequence databases and software programs to interact with these databases.

Multi-Group Meetings

Thursday Morning Virus Group is a forum to share work in progress between labs working on retroviruses and other viruses.   The group meets weekly on Thursday mornings at FHCR, and the schedule is available here.  Please contact Michael Emerman for information about participating.
DNA Virus Group Meeting includes investigators working on the biology and pathogenesis of DNA viruses such as herpesviruses, adenoviruses, papillomaviruses, and polyomaviruses, who come together to discuss new ideas and ongoing projects.  The group meets twice a month on Tuesday mornings at FHCRC.  Please contact Adam Geballe for more information about participating.
The Bacterial Pathogenesis Work-In-Progress Meeting is an excellent opportunity to share your research with colleagues, find new collaborators and techniques, and provide your trainees with an opportunity to present their work to a receptive audience. The group meets during Fall-Winter-Spring quarters every other week on Thursday mornings from 10-10:50 am in Foege S060.  Students attending regularly can register for credit (MICROM 529).  Please contact Larissa Mansfield for more information about participating.

Organizations That Fund Microbiology Research

The Department of Microbiology has a strong funding history with organizations that support our programs. The department encourages all faculty and trainees to seek funding opportunities. These agencies are among those that fund researchers in the department: