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Undergraduate Program

UW Microbiology

Grade Requirements and Dismissal Policy

Grade Requirements

  1. All courses taken to fulfill requirements must be taken for a letter (numerical) grade unless the course is offered credit/no credit.
  2. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.25 and a minimum grade of 1.8 in all required and elective microbiology courses used toward graduation to receive a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Department of Microbiology.

Progress/Dismissal Policy

Students enrolled in the B.S. degree program in Microbiology must maintain both a cumulative GPA and individual-course grades consistent with the requirements for the degree. A student is placed on departmental academic probation when either of the following occurs:

  1. The student’s cumulative GPA in all core and distribution Microbiology courses falls below 2.25.  The student is placed on probation for one quarter.  If at the end of the quarter, the GPA has not improved to at least 2.25, the student is dropped from the major.  Students who experience extraordinary circumstances may petition for one or more additional probationary quarters.
  2. In a given quarter, the student receives a grade of less than 1.8 in one or more core or distribution Microbiology courses.  The student remains on probation until the course is repeated with a grade of at least 1.8, or, in the case of a distribution course, another course in the same category is taken with a grade of at least 1.8.  A student who receives a grade of less than 1.8 in any core or distribution Microbiology course while on probation is dropped from the major.