Department of Microbiology Diversity Statement

The University of Washington Department of Microbiology promotes and supports excellence and achievement in microbiology research and education in order to advance an understanding of the natural world, to improve human health, and to encourage the development of new technologies. The strength of our society and the creativity of the workforce of the 21st century depend upon the contributions of all persons. With this outlook, the department is committed to encourage diversity among our students, faculty, and staff. We strive to create a community that nurtures the talents of everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, disability, race, religion, culture, gender, or sexual orientation.

We contribute to the institutional diversity efforts at the University of Washington by:

  • recruiting and training students from diverse backgrounds and experiences,
  • hiring and mentoring faculty and staff with broad perspectives and life experiences,
  • valuing the contributions that diversity brings to our research and educational programs,
  • and maintaining an accepting environment that respects and supports the diverse challenges experienced by each individual.

We welcome the efforts and insights of everyone in our community. Through our collaborative efforts, we encourage discovery and the development of new programs, collaborations, and innovative approaches to educate and inform an increasingly interconnected and complex world. 

Committee Members:

The Microbiology Department is proud to participate in the UW Allies program, which serves graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in basic science labs at UW. Allies are faculty who provide trainees with support during conflict with mentors and lab mates, assistance in navigating institutional barriers to success, and connection with institutional and community services. Allies stand in solidarity with trainees, so they don’t have to face challenges alone. For more information and to request an Ally, go to