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UW-BioSTEP Summer Program

Applications are currently accepted from college students to the UW-BioSTEP summer programApplication deadline is May 1, 2023.

UW-BioSTEP is a summer research program focused on engaging Washington state undergraduate students from Pacific Northwest Tribal Nations and other historically marginalized communities in biomedical research at the University of Washington. Successful applicants will spend 10 weeks in a laboratory setting working on important biomedical questions, will be exposed to different potential career options in biomedical research, and will present their findings at the UW Undergraduate Symposium at the end of the summer program. UW-BioSTEP participants benefit from hands-on research experience and close mentorship. They also receive a generous stipend, food allowance, paid housing accommodations, and a transportation allowance for travel to & from UW Seattle. 

We especially encourage applicants from the Pacific Northwest Tribal Nations and other systemically marginalized communities in the state of Washington.

· Program dates are June 20 – August 18, 2023. For additional information, please go the UW-BioSTEP website.