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These awards are available for declared Microbiology Majors. The application for Undergraduate Research Awards are in Fall and Spring Quarters. All other awards are available for application in the Spring Quarter only. Below you will find the application link.

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Don Bassett Award

The Don Bassett Memorial Fund was established in November 1965 by the contributions of fellow students, faculty members, administrative and technical staff of Health Science departments, and friends and members of the Bassett family. The fund was established as a memorial to Don Bassett, an undergraduate Microbiology major.

Jacques Chiller Award

The Department of Microbiology has established a new award on behalf of the family of the late Dr. Jacques M. Chiller. The Jacques Chiller Award is granted at the end of the junior year to a student majoring in Microbiology, and is intended to help defray the student's educational expenses for their final year.

Students in the first year as microbiology majors are invited to apply. An important criteria for selection is academic merit. Students from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Dr. Jacques Chiller received a bachelor's degree in zoology and a doctorate degree in microbiology with an emphasis in immunology from the University of Washington. He had a successful career that eventually led to appointments as Vice-President of Eli Lilly Laboratories in 1989 and later as president and CEO of DNAX Research Institute from 1992 to 1998, where he directed scientists toward discoveries leading to applications in pharmaceuticals.

Education Award

The award was established in 2007 by the faculty of the Department of Microbiology to recognize an undergraduate student who has helped illuminate the field of microbiology for others, and to foster excellence in Microbiology Education.

Charles Evans Award

The Charles Evans Award Fund was established when Dr. Evans retired in June 1982. Dr. Evans was appointed as the first Chairman of the Microbiology Department in 1946, and served in that position for 24 years.

Contributions to this fund are made by friends, colleagues, former students, and members of his family.

David Kingsbury Award

The David T. Kingsbury Scholarship was established on April 2013. David received both a bachelor of science (1962) and a master of science (1965) degree in Microbiology from the University of Washington. He earned his doctorate in the Department of Biology (1971) from the University of California, San Diego. He established this endowment with the hope that it will enable undergraduate students to devote time to a research project that may set the stage for an engaging career in science. The scholarship is awarded to a Microbiology Junior who has excelled academically and has a passion for research. The student must have completed at least one quarter of undergraduate research by the end of Winter Quarter of their Junior year and have plans to continue research through his/her senior year.

Ordal Endowment Award

The Erling J. Ordal Award Fund was established in 1988 as a memorial to Professor Ordal through contributions made by friends, former students, colleagues, and members of the family. Dr. Ordal was a professor in the department from 1937 until his retirement in 1977. The fund provides an annual award for the best undergraduate research thesis submitted. For further information see the Adviser.

Undergraduate Research Awards

The Undergraduate Research Awards help to support students doing undergraduate research. They are given to students with junior status who have completed at least one quarter of undergraduate research and will complete at least three more quarters. The awards will be distributed to each recipient over three quarters. Applications are accepted twice a year (Spring and Fall quarters).

Microbiology Undergraduate Rewards

Spring 2024 URA Awards Open Deadline April 12, 2024 Apply Here

Please provide this form to your mentor if you are applying to any of these awards: the Undergraduate Research Award, the David Kingsbury Award and/or the Interdisciplinary Summer Research Award: Mentor Statement Form

Questions? Please Email Dr. Beins here: Submit to Dr. Beins