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Graduate Program

UW Microbiology

Current Trainees

Blake Dodson
Mentor: Michael Lagunoff (UW, Microbiology)
Project Title: Investigating the induction and requirement of fatty acid synthesis during KSHV latent infection

Marshall Godsil
Mentor: Alex Meeske (UW, Microbiology)
Project Title: Temperate phage tolerance by the type VI-A CRISPR-Cas system in Listeria seeligeri

Caroline Kikawa
Mentor: Jesse Bloom & Leslie Goo (FHCC)
Project Title: Comprehensively profiling the antigenic landscape of flaviviruses

Laskhmi Warrier
Mentor: Jennifer Lund (FHCC)
Project Title: Investigating the impact of type I interferon signaling on vaginal Treg function in herpes simplex virus type-2 infection

Alexandra Willcox
Mentor: Julie Overbaugh (Human Biology, FHCC)
Project Title: Identification of interferon-stimulated genes that restrict Zika virus

Christina Yap
Mentor: Patrick Mitchell (UW, Microbiology)
Project Title: Modulation of Host Inflammasomes During KSHV Infection