Microbiology Scholarships and Awards

Year of Award Awarded To Award or Scholarship
2012 Wiens, Mayim Neal Groman Award
2012 Boyle, Evan Don Bassett Award
2012 Truong, Thao Erling J. Ordal Award
2012 Lai, Yi-Ling Microbiology Education Award
2012 Cheng, Marika Microbiology Education Award
2011 Adams, Kristin Helen Riaboff Whiteley Fellowship
2011 Lim, Efrem Helen Riaboff Whiteley Fellowship
2011 Mendoza, Simon Jacques M. Chiller Award
2011 Luu, Christine Microbiology Education Award
2011 Horn, Dara Dr. Charles A. and Allie Ann Evans Endowed Scholarship
2011 Mims, Kimberly Microbiology Education Award
2011 Nguyen, Tien Microbiology Education Award
2011 LeRoux, Michele Neal Groman Award
2011 Frischkorn, Kyle Erling J. Ordal Award
2011 Andring, Nicholas Don Bassett Award
2010 Austin, Laura Jacques M. Chiller Award
2010 Kaneshiro, Kristin Dr. Charles A. and Allie Ann Evans Endowed Scholarship
2010 Delgado, Tracie Helen Riaboff Whiteley Fellowship
2010 Wang, Vania Microbiology Education Award
2010 Colvin, Kelly Stanley Falkow Award
2010 Hicks, Kevin Neal Groman Award
2010 Provine, Nicholas Erling J. Ordal Award
2010 Horn, Dara Don Bassett Award
2009 Kaneshiro, Kristin Jacques M. Chiller Award
2009 Goldman, Aaron Helen Riaboff Whiteley Fellowship