Major Course Requirements

For a summary of department information and requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, please refer to the PDF available here

Core Courses:

  • Microm 410 Fundamentals of Microbiology (3 credits, Fall)
  • Microm 402 General Microbiology Lab (3 credits, Fall & Spr)
  • Microm 496 Library Research Paper (2 credits, all qtrs.)
    Faculty mentor required for MICROM 496 Library Research Paper. Review our website to find faculty whose research interests matches yours Contact faculty directly, and when a faculty member agrees, please contact Andrea Pardo for the add code. It is best to make arrangements well in advance of the quarter you plan to register.


  • Total of 15 credits from the following distribution groups (Medical Microbiology, Virology, Diversity and Ecology, Genetics and Molecular Biology)
  • Choose one course from each of the four distribution groups
  • Two courses must contain a laboratory component (461, 411, 431, 443 are lab choices in this area)

Medical Microbiology:

  • Immun 441 Immunology (4 credits, Fall)
  • Microm 442 Medical Bacteriology (3 credits, Win)
  • Microm 443 Medical Bacteriology Lab (3 credits, Fall & Win)
  • Microm 460 Medical Mycology and Parasitology Lecture (3 credits, Spr)
  • Microm 461 Medical Mycology and Parasitology Lab (2 credits, Spr)


  • Microm 445 Medical Virology (3 credits, Spr)
  • Microm 450 Molecular Biology of Viruses (3 credits, Win)

Diversity and Ecology:

  • Microm 412 Prokaryotic Diversity (3 credits, Spr)

Genetics and Molecular Biology:

  • Microm 411 Bacterial Genetics. Includes lab (4 credits, Win)
  • Microm 431 Prokaryotic Recombinant DNA Techniques Lab (3 credits, Win), *

* If you choose to take Microm 431 Prokaryotic Recombinant DNA Techniques Lab (3 credits, Win) you must ALSO take either Genome 361 Fundamentals of Genetics & Genomics (3 credits) or Genome 371 Introductory Genetics (5 credits, Fall).

Additional Requirements:

Bioc 405, 406 or
Bioc 440, 441, 442

Phys 114, 115 or
Phys 121, 122

Math 112, 124
QSci 381
Stat 311
(One course is required)


In addition to the distribution course requirements, students must take at least 13 credits from our list of approved electives. Approved electives include any of the courses not taken as a distribution course, plus additional courses offered by the Microbiology Department or other departments (see list of microbiology approved electives).