To graduate a student must satisfy University, College of Arts and Sciences, and Departmental requirements.  The University requires a minimum of 180 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0.  90 credits are required for the Microbiology Major, and a combined minimum 2.25 graduation GPA in the required and elective courses.

Graduation is not automatic at the UW!  Students apply for graduation by submitting a graduation application to the Graduation Office. The undergraduate adviser, Andrea Pardo, will prepare the graduation application with the student. See her calendar for an appointment. The application should be done two to three quarters in advance to allow enough time to complete remaining general education and/or major requirements.

Although graduation can occur in any quarter, there is only one commencement ceremony each year, in June, which includes everyone graduating during the academic year.  Diplomas are distributed about three months after graduation. 

The Department of Microbiology has a reception to honor our graduating seniors and award recipients before the UW commencement in late May or Early June.

2018 Graduation at the HUB: Maddie Jones, Ryan Huston, the late Dr. Champoux, Gashia Ford