Approved Electives

Students must take 13 credits from our list of approved electives. Approved electives include any of the distribution courses not taken as a distribution requirement, plus certain additional courses offered by the Microbiology Department or other departments (see below). If courses taken to satisfy distribution requirements total more than 15 credits, the extra credits may count toward additional electives. 500 level courses require the permission of the instructor.


MICROM 413 Special Topics in Microbiology (1 credit), [up to 3 credits may be counted]
MICROM 482 Peer Teaching Assistants in Microbiology (1-5 credits)
MICROM 495 Microbiology Honors Undergraduate Research (variable credits, A,W,Sp,S) (Microbiology Honor's students only)
MICROM 499 Undergraduate Lab Research (Variable credits, A,W,Sp,S)
MICROM 555 Advanced Clinical Microbiology (2.5 credits, A,W,Sp)

How to find a faculty mentor for MICROM 499 Lab research, and MICROM 495 Honors lab research (Micro honors students only):

  • Students review our faculty’s research interests on our homepage
  • Be prepared to register for no less than 2 to 3 credits per quarter, and for a minimum of 2 quarters. For example, a student who registers for 3 credits would be expected to be in the lab 9 to 10 hours per week.
  • Explore the availability of MICROM 495 (Micro honors students), and 499 positions one to two quarters in advance of registration.
  • Lab experience is highly recommended for any student but necessary for those contemplating graduate school.


BIOL 401 Advanced Cell Biology (3 credits)
BIOL 405 Cellular and Molecular Biology of Human Disease (3 credits)
BIOL 440 General Mycology (5 credits)
BIOL 446 Biology of Algae (3 credits)
BIOL 481 Experimental Evolutionary Ecology (5 credits)

Chemical Engineering

CHEM E 467 Biochemical Engineering (3 credits)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

CEE 462 Applied Limnology and Pollutant Effects on Freshwater (3 credits)
CEE 482 Wastewater Treatment and Re-use (3 credits)
CEE 484 Decentralized and On-Site Wastewater Management and Re-use (3 credits)
CEE 540 Microbiological Process Fundamentals (3 credits)


CONJ 550p  Clinical Infectious Diseases (3 credits)

Environmental Health

ENV H 440 Water, Wastewater and Health (3 credits)
ENV H 441 Food Protection (3 credits)
ENV H 442 Vector Control (3 credits)
ENV H 451 Ecology of Environmentally Transmitted Microbiological Hazards (3 credits)
ENV H 452 Detection & Control of Environmentally Transmitted Microbiological Hazards (3 credits)


EPI 320 Intro to Epidemiology (4 credits)


ESRM 409 Soil Ecology (5 credits)


FISH 404 Diseases of Aquatic Animals (5 credits)

Genome Sciences

GENOME 361 Fundamentals of Genetics and Genomics (3 credits)
GENOME 371 Intro Genetics (5 credits)
GENOME 372 Genomics and Proteomics (5 credits)
GENOME 373 Genomic Informatics (4 credits)

Global Health

GH 401 Introduction to Global Health (1 credit)
GH 402 Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Global Health (1 credit)
GH 410 Newly Emerging Diseases in Public Health (3 credits)

Medicinal Chemistry

MEDCH 561 Immunizing & Antimicrobial Agents (4 credits, Sp)

BioEthics and Humanities

BH 401   History of Modern Medicine


OCEAN 430 Biological Oceanography (4 credits)
OCEAN 431 Special Topics in Biological Oceanography (3 credits)
OCEAN 454 Hydrothermal Vents (3 credits)


PABIO 536 Bioinformatics and Gene Sequence Analysis (3 credits)
PABIO 548 Molecular and Cellular Parasitology (3 credits)
PABIO 551 Biochemistry and Genetics of Pathogens and their Hosts (4 credits)